About Us

Barnyard Photography is a family-owned and operated business.  We are based in Lincoln University and Delaware, but frequently attend events in Wilmington, Philadelphia, Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland.

We aren't like most studios.  We never have been.

In fact, we didn't start out as a photography studio at all.  One day, an "emergency wedding" fell into our life.  We suddenly found ourselves shooting doing something that we'd never tried before... and the results turned out really well.  This led us to start the studio.

We've grown quickly over the years, with great team of photographers.

We're have a different opinion about copyright than most photographers.  We won't let copyright stand between you and your memories.

For every event that we photograph, we will provide you with digital full-size images.  We believe in Creative Commons, and we will provide your photos under the Creative Commons Attribution license.  You can do as you wish with your images.  Share them, copy them, post them online.

If we can provide any assistance to you for your special event, do not hesitate to contact us