AIDupontSanta.jpgAs some of you may know, Barnyard Photography has a history with AI Dupont Hospital for Children. This Christmas, we decided to try something new.  We thought we would bring Santa into the hospital, for the children that wouldn't be able to visit him this year.  We wanted all the kids (and families) to get a Santa experience without having to leave the hospital.

With a little retrofitting to our Photo Booth, we were able to give all the kids their very own pictures with Santa.  For a portable setup, we were really happy with how they looked.  We were lucky that we could obtain a ton of Christmas toys for the kids too.

We're working closely with the Child Life team at AI Dupont, and plan to offer an even better version next year.  Next year, we'll be doing two different versions of Santa...

A "Santa's Workshop"experience - where the children that are able come visit Santa


A "Santa on the Go" experience - where Santa visits the children that can't leave their rooms.  This one is a little trickier for us.  We're building a wireless relay for the Photo Booth tech.  Plus, we're setting up a battery / inverter system so that we can make awesome prints while rolling around the hospital.


Barnyard Photography delivered a load of Easter fun for the children at AI Dupont Hospital for Children.


Lots of stuffed bunnies arrived as a gift to the children, in the hopes of making their Easter a little brighter.

For those of you that do not live in Delaware:  AI Dupont is an excellent hospital, dedicated especially for children.  We at Barnyard have had personal experience there.  Two of our children have been there at least once.  We're all very glad that we could make such a donation to this excellent institution.  Credit goes to our veteran wedding photographer David Naples for originating the idea.