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Gobo Projector / Monogram Projector

We are proud to add Gobo Projectors to our list of offerings. A Gobo Projector allows you to broadcast your monogram, names, or any other design onto the wall or dance floor. We are proud to offer special projectors that are environmentally friendly, and capable of delivering a great show with minimal electrical usage.

Your Gobo is precision made to your specifications, and is manufactured using laser-etched glass. Glass is more expensive to manufacture, but gives a much sharper final image. We include this upgrade at no extra cost to you.

Pricing: $400 per event, up to six hours.


Line Art Gobo Sample One Color Gobo Sample Two Color Gobo Sample


Included at no extra cost:

  • Professional Design: We will design your Gobo just for you. If you have an existing monogram or artwork, we can match it.
  • Setup & Calibration: Our staff will setup and calibrate the projector on site.
  • Removal After Event: We will remove the projector after the event.

We have several options available, depending on the complexity of your design:

  • Custom Line Art Gobo: Included - This is the most popular type of Gobo. It is manufactured using a precision laser process.
  • Custom Grayscale Gobo: +$50 - This will allow you to have different intensities in your design, but only shades rather than colors.
  • Custom One Color Gobo: +$80 - This will allow you to have any color of your choosing for your Gobo.
  • Custom Two Color Gobo: +$180 - This will allow you to have any two colors of your choosing. Please note: any color + white counts as two colors.
  • Custom Full-Color Gobo: +$290 - This will allow you to have a photo-realistic gobo, such as a photograph or drawing.